What is the biggest NHL rivalry

What is the biggest NHL rivalry

What are the biggest current NHL rivalries

Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins: This rivalry is considered by many as the most intense and longest-standing in the NHL. It dates back to 1924 when the Bruins joined the league. Since then, these two teams have faced each other a record 34 times in the playoffs, with the Canadiens holding a 25-9 advantage.

What is the oldest rivalry in NHL history

The Canadiens–Maple Leafs rivalry is the oldest in NHL history. From 1943–79, the two teams met each other in the playoffs 15 times, and faced off in five Stanley Cup Finals.

What is the most aggressive NHL team

Power Ranking the NHL's Toughest TeamsLos Angeles Kings. 8 of 30.Florida Panthers. 7 of 30.Edmonton Oilers. 6 of 30.Carolina Hurricanes. 5 of 30.Tampa Bay Lightning. 4 of 30.Dallas Stars. 3 of 30.Calgary Flames. 2 of 30.Washington Capitals. 1 of 30.

Who is the Red Wings biggest rival

Blackhawks–Red Wings rivalry

First meeting November 24, 1926
Latest meeting March 8, 2023
Next meeting TBD
Meetings total 832

What is the least successful NHL team

The Maple Leafs lead all NHL franchises in losses (2,850).

What is the most dominant team in NHL history

Montreal Canadiens

The 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens are considered the best team in modern NHL history. They played 80 games that season and only lost eight of them while outscoring opponents 387-171. Montreal scored more goals than any other team in the league while giving up fewer tallies than any other club.

What is the least popular NHL team

The least popular teams in the NHL are mainly the expansion teams situated in the sun-belt of the southern US states; the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Coyotes are prime examples.

What is the poorest NHL team

For another year, the Arizona Coyotes are considered the least valuable team in the National Hockey League. Financial news publication Forbes published its roundup of NHL franchise values this week and listed the Coyotes as No. 32 at $450 million.

Who is the heat’s biggest rival

the Orlando Magic

The Heat–Magic rivalry is an National Basketball Association (NBA) rivalry between the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic.

Who is the Blackhawks biggest rival

The biggest rivals of the Chicago Blackhawks® are divisional opponents the St. Louis Blues®, Nashville Predators® and the Minnesota Wild®. The Blackhawks also have a deep rooted rivalry with the Detroit Red Wings®, with the Blackhawks having played the Red Wings more than 750 times.

Is NHL losing popularity

The National Hockey League (NHL) has seen a decline in viewership in recent years. One reason for the decline in viewership may be the lack of a national broadcast deal in the United States.

What’s the worst loss in NHL history


Detroit Red Wings 15 – New York Rangers 0

The 1944 game started explosively, with two goals in the first period, before the floodgates opened. Five goals followed in the second period, with another eight coming in the third. It rubber-stamped by far the worst defeat in NHL history.

Who fought the most in NHL history

Chris Nilan

Chris “Knuckles” Nilan saw more fights than almost any other fighter in NHL history. Nilan averaged more penalty minutes per game than any other player in league history and also holds the record for most penalty minutes in a single game (42).

Who is the greatest player in NHL history

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky. Who else but the player who, over the course of a 20-year NHL career, scored the most goals, assists and points in league history At the time Gretzky retired, he held 61 NHL records and most still stand today.

Who has the loudest fans in the NHL

The Loudest House in the NHL lived up to its billing Saturday afternoon, as 19,513 fans, the most ever for a Hurricanes home game, packed PNC Arena for the team's pivotal Game 7.

What NHL team has the most loyal fans

Taking the top spot with an impressive overall index score of 2.84 out of 4, the Boston Bruins officially have the most loyal supporters in the NHL. This is thanks to the team's 100% average attendance, 5.6 million social media followers, and relatively strong engagement rate on Instagram (1.89%).

What is the NHL biggest loss


The worst loss in NHL history belongs to the New York Rangers when they lost 15-0 to the Detroit Red Wings on January 23, 1944. This loss was so outstanding that the record has stood for 76 years, despite tens of thousands of NHL games having been played since.

Who is the Yankees biggest rival

the Boston Red Sox

Among the New York Yankees' biggest rivals are the Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros and the New York Mets. The Yankees' rivalry with the Red Sox is a long-running tradition, while their rivalry with the Mets is due to their proximity, and their rivalry with the Astros comes from fierce competition.

Who are the greatest rivals

10 Great Sports RivalriesGreen Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears.Los Angeles Lakers versus Boston Celtics.Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali.Boston Red Sox versus New York Yankees.Ohio State versus Michigan.Duke versus North Carolina.Chris Evert versus Martina Navratilova.Arnold Palmer versus Jack Nicklaus.

Who are the Grizzlies biggest rival

The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies bring out the best, or sometimes the worst, in each other. It's a rivalry that's often one-sided but still robust in starpower with Stephen Curry, Ja Morant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks going head-to-head.

Who is the Browns biggest rival

Browns–Steelers rivalry

First meeting October 7, 1950 Browns 30, Steelers 17
Latest meeting January 8, 2023 Steelers 28, Browns 14
Next meeting October 18, 2023
Meetings total 143

Is NHL bigger than NFL

NFL vs NHL: Summary

There's no real comparison between the NFL and the NHL when it comes to which league draws more fans and which creates more revenue – the NFL is the hands-down winner of that competition since the NHL's numbers are just a fraction of its football counterpart.

Is NHL bigger than NBA

In terms of overall league revenue, the NFL, MLB, and NBA rank as the top three most lucrative sports leagues in the world, with the English Premier League and the NHL ranked at fourth and fifth place.

What is the NHL biggest comeback

Miracle on Manchester

1982: The Los Angeles Kings pull off the greatest comeback in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In a game known forever after as the "Miracle on Manchester," they rally from five goals down in the third period to defeat the Edmonton Oilers 6-5 in overtime in Game 3 of the Smythe Division Semifinals.

What NHL player has never lost a fight

Tiger Williams. He didn't win all of them, but he never really lost one. The outcome of the fight never affected his appearance or demeanour very much.