Who is the best NBA clutch player

Who is the best NBA clutch player

Who is the best clutch player in the NBA ever

No list of clutch performers in the NBA would be complete without Michael Jordan. Widely regarded as the greatest player in NBA history, Jordan was a master of the clutch shot, hitting countless game-winners and buzzer-beaters throughout his career.

Is LeBron the most clutch player of all time

Nick Wright shares his thoughts on LeBron's historical game, then explains why this further proves the King's status as the NBA's most clutch player in history.

Who is more clutch MJ or LeBron

LeBron James is More Clutch Than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Stephen Curry According to FS1 Analyst. A parameter that separates a good sportsperson from a great sportsperson is his ability to perform under pressure. In the basketball world, it's usually referred to as the 'Clutch' moment.

Who is the most clutch player in the NBA playoffs

Per Wright's query on Stathead, no other player on record (the database only tracks the past 26 seasons) has ever made more than two shots like these in the postseason. LeBron James how has SEVEN game winning or game tying shots in the final :01 of playoff games.

Which NBA legend is Mr. Clutch

Jerry West (born 1938), American basketball player.

Who is the most clutch WR of all time

Mr. Clutch himself here right now. Not only is Jerry Rice the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game, he came up huge for the 49ers when it counted the most.

Who is statistically more clutch

LeBron James: Heat Star Statistically Most Clutch Player Since NBA Debut

Player Clutch Playoff FGs since 2003-04
LeBron James 7-of-16
Kobe Bryant 5-of-17
Kevin Durant 5-of-12
Dirk Nowitzki 5-of-12

Who hit more clutch shots Kobe or Jordan

Jordan Is Much More Clutch Than Kobe Is

In his career, Jordan averaged 33.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.7 assists, while shooting 48.7 percent from the field.

Who is the goat LeBron or Jordan

Who has more career points: Michael Jordan or LeBron James As of 2023, LeBron James is an all-time leading scorer and has 38,652 points, thus he has more than MJ.

Who leads the league in clutch shots

Fox led all NBA players in clutch scoring, as his 194 points were 35 more than the next-highest player (DeMar DeRozan). Additionally, Fox did so with supreme confidence and accuracy, shooting 52.9% overall and 86% from the free throw line in the clutch, showing a steady hand when it mattered most.

Who has the most clutch winning shots in the NBA

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the all-time leader in game-winning shots in NBA history.

Which NBA legend is Mr Clutch

Jerry West (born 1938), American basketball player.

Who is the best clutch QB

John Elway could be considered by some as the greatest clutch quarterback ever. He led the Broncos to a remarkable 35 fourth quarter comebacks, which is only bested by Dan Marino.

Who has most buzzer-beaters in NBA history

Number one on the list of most game-winners is Michael Jordan.

What wears the clutch the most

The most wear and tear done to a clutch is when the pedal is only half depressed. Do use the brake to hold yourself stationary on a hill, rather than the clutch. Do take off in first gear, rather than third. As a convenience, too many people will cut the engine in third and take off the following day the same.

Who is more clutch LeBron or KD

LeBron only recently passed Kobe's regular-season total of 133 clutch-time buckets to lead all NBA players since 2000, and Bryant's 17 in the playoffs is tied with Durant for second.

Who is the real goat in NBA

Michael Jordan Tops LeBron James, Kobe Bryant as NBA GOAT in Anonymous Player Poll. Michael Jordan is still the greatest of all time—at least according to an anonymous group of NBA players. The Athletic surveyed 103 NBA players, 58.3 percent of whom said Jordan would top their overall rankings.

Who is the number 1 goat in NBA

Bill Russell (1961-1966)

Accolades: Five NBA titles, three MVPs, five All-Stars, two All-NBA 1st Team selections, three All-NBA 2nd Team selections. The winningest player in league history, Bill Russell gets dinged a bit for the era he played in, along with the fact he didn't chase points as much as he could have.

How many clutch shots has Jordan hit

Here is a table of the top ten NBA players who has the most number of buzzer-beaters:

Player Number of Buzzer Beaters
Michael Jordan 9
Kobe Bryant 8
Joe Johnson 8
LeBron James 7

Who is the most clutch kicker

Vinatieri is generally considered the greatest clutch field-goal kicker in NFL history because of the field goals he hit to win two Super Bowls for the New England Patriots, plus field goals in the snow to both tie and then win the "Tuck Rule" game against Oakland in the 2001 Divisional round of the playoffs.

Who has the most QB sneaks

However, the QB sneak — which is how he scored his first touchdown as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer — is an often overlooked strength of his game. Since 2001, Brady has led the NFL with 157 quarterback sneak attempts—85 more than Drew Brees, who is in second place.

How many clutch shots has LeBron made

LeBron James Has Only Made 19 Of 107 Shots In Clutch Situation During His Career: 17.8% FG, 12.5% From 3-Pointers. LeBron James has struggled throughout his career to make clutch shots during regular season games as per stats. Playing 20 seasons in the NBA is no small feat.

Who has the most turnovers in NBA history

LeBron James
Turnovers leaders

Rank Player Total turnovers
1 LeBron James^ 4,966
2 Karl Malone* 4,524
3 Russell Westbrook^ 4,443
4 John Stockton* 4,244

What is the hardest clutch

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What destroys a clutch

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