An Overview of Prime Philippine Destinations

An Overview of Prime Philippine Destinations

The Philippines ( are an eco-traveler’s dream destination with gorgeous lagoons and marine life to explore, but also boast an ancient heritage with stunning colonial architecture, vibrant festivals, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Puerto Princesa’s coastal cityscape boasts the impressive Subterranean River National Park, an UNESCO World Heritage site that leads directly to the breathtaking Chocolate Hills; these hills take on an irresistibly brown hue during dry weather months, providing stunning landscape views for exploring.


Baguio conjures an idyllic vision for both domestic and international visitors alike: pine-laden highlands amidst Northern Luzon’s Grand Cordillera with chilly airflow, pine trees, crisp cold breezes and lush verdant knolls aplenty. Once an escape from Manila’s oppressive heat, today Baguio has evolved into one of the country’s premier vacation spots with its cool climate and picturesque landscapes.

The best time of year to visit is between November and April when the north-east monsoon rolls through and temperatures reach their coolest. However, City of Pines should also be visited anytime when it isn’t raining – year round is best!

Discover all that the City has to offer by booking a cultural excursion with a trusted local guide. Experience its rich cultural heritage at landmarks like Wright Park Mansion House, Baguio Cathedral and Museum before discovering its natural splendor at Burnham Park, Camp John Hay and Mines View Park – plus panoramic vistas of Benguet mountains!

Traveling within Baguio City is straightforward as most major tourist spots are within walking distance from each other. If you prefer more luxurious travel arrangements, car rentals in Baguio for a day could be ideal. Grab Taxis and regular taxis are readily available throughout the City as are jeepneys; Grab Taxis are also accessible everywhere you turn and can take you virtually everywhere within it. Furthermore, public buses make reaching many of Baguio’s top tourist spots simple while for larger groups we suggest renting out private vans with drivers for even greater ease of navigation and ease of travel!


Palawan is a tropical island paradise that represents the essence of Philippine beauty and boasts an exquisite cultural legacy. Home to stunning beaches, diverse marine life, breathtaking caves and vibrant local culture including parades and traditional dance performances; tourists can experience local life first hand through welcoming people and delicious cuisine.

Palawan’s capital, Puerto Princesa, is an attractive city boasting a pristine river and stunning limestone cliffs, as well as being home to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Coron is another must-visit spot, boasting beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters for snorkeling or diving and ideal accommodations for a quiet and relaxing vacation experience.

El Nido is another iconic attraction in Palawan, known for its breathtaking emerald lagoons and towering limestone cliffs that look right out of a postcard. You can enjoy exciting adventures such as island hopping and kayaking along its secret lagoons – or you could always head for Honda Bay instead to avoid its busy crowds!

Balabac Islands are an undiscovered treasure for beachgoers who appreciate nature. Their powdery white sand feels like walking on clouds and its waters look as if you are swimming in an endless ocean pool. There are a multitude of activities that can be done here such as snorkeling, diving and kayaking as well as viewing spectacular sunsets that make up part of its magic.


Many travelers imagine the Philippines to be only an exceptional beach destination, yet it offers much more. From breathtaking mountains and picturesque river valleys, to astounding waterfalls that will thrill any traveler’s senses, this lovely country will satisfy your wanderlust like never before.

Banaue, North Luzon’s most beloved tourist spot, features stunning rice terraces and offers unique cultural experiences and outdoor adventures that cannot be replicated elsewhere. A must-see destination for any traveler wanting to experience nature at its best while learning about generations-old traditions that have shaped society itself, Banaue is truly remarkable!

Batad Rice Terraces are one of the premier attractions in Banaue and have been recognized by UNESCO as an international heritage site. Showcasing agricultural expertise of Ifugao people, these terraces carved into steep slopes of Cordillera mountain range have often been called an “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

Visitors to Banaue can experience breathtaking panoramic views from the Barangay (Village) Viewpoint. For easy transport from town center, tourists may ride a tricycle.

Other must-see spots in the area include the Banaue Museum and Tam-An Village, where locals display their traditions and culture for visitors to experience. There are also restaurants and guest houses where guests can stay to take in all that amazing scenery!

Banaue offers visitors the best experiences between March and May when temperatures are warm and dry, when rice terraces can be seen at their most magnificent. Other activities popular in Banaue during this period include trekking and visiting various waterfalls such as Tappiya Falls with its refreshing, green waters. Visits to burial caves can also take in incredible views from Echo Valley Cliffs.

Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is one of Siargao Island’s most breathtaking attractions, perfect for relaxing, sunbathing, kayaking and cliff jumping. The views are truly magnificent with turquoise-hued water making a spectacular setting to swim and snorkel in. Early morning is best to avoid crowds or book online tours to save both money and time!

The lagoon itself is the focal point, offering stunning blue hues against green rolling hills. Take home some amazing photos as a reminder!

Another fun activity is climbing a cliff-side platform and jumping off for an unforgettable photo op. Additionally, kayaks or SUPs may be rented at the lagoon house for 200 pesos each; tables and life jackets will cost an additional 50 pesos each.

Visit the lagoon independently or join a group tour from Klook; fees are quite affordable, while guides are highly knowledgeable about their subject matter. However, take precautions against risks, such as taking safety precautions. Also check weather conditions beforehand, since conditions can change quickly.

Last but not least, bring snacks and water. After spending hours swimming and exploring the lagoon area, it can be easy to become hungry. Bottled water can be purchased at the lagoon; however, it would be more economical and environmentally-friendly to bring a reusable water bottle from home instead. Not only will you save money, but this approach is better for saving the planet as well!


Bohol offers something for every history or adrenaline junkie alike, with gorgeous waters beneath the sea offering spectacular landscapes, while on land you will discover ancient churches and adorable tarsier monkeys aplenty.

Bohol’s most celebrated natural phenomenon is its Chocolate Hills, an impressive natural phenomenon where grasses transform into something similar to chocolate bars during dry weather. Take a tour around this region and learn about their formation while admiring breathtaking scenery.

Other top tourist spots on Bohol include Loboc River, where a relaxing bamboo boat ride will pass tangled trees and small souvenir stalls. One fun activity in Bohol is visiting Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridges located outside Loboc – these wobbly bridges may feel unsafe but provide great views of Loboc River below.

Bohol is home to many breathtaking attractions, but none surpass the Butterfly Garden for sheer visual delight and educational opportunities. Come here with kids or simply admire its splendor! Additionally, educational signage will explain their role in nature.

Mirror of the World in Bohol offers a thrilling new attraction, perfect for visitors seeking something more exciting. This park features scaled down versions of iconic landmarks like Eiffel Tower and Golden Gate Bridge for great photo opps before concluding your day by enjoying a nightly light show!

Panglao Island serves as the main tourist area and offers hundreds of accommodation options suitable for budget backpackers as well as luxury travelers alike. There are hotels and resorts of various sizes in Panglao; Amorita Resort in Panglao stands out as being an exceptional 5-star choice, ideal for couples and families who appreciate amenities such as an outdoor infinity pool, in-house dive shop and free breakfast service.