What is Medicare supplement health plan?

Medicare supplement health plan is considered to be very important and significant like the original medicare plan. Now a question can pop up in your mind as to what is Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare supplement plan is known to be such an associate plan that you get only when you get yourself enrolled with the original medicare plan. The government is there to pay for the various additional costs under medicare supplement plan that are not generally covered by the medicare plan.

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More on the supplement plan

This supplement plan is also known as ‘MA Plan’ or ‘Part C’ which are basically provided by various private companies properly approved by Medicare. Medicare is supposed to pay these private organizations to properly provide you with various Medicare benefits.

In case you join this supplement plan, it will offer all the Medicare Part A (the hospital insurance) as well as Medicare Part B (the medical insurance) coverage. You need to understand that this plan is quite different than Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

Types of Medicare Supplement Plans

There are different kinds of Medicare Supplement Plans. You are supposed to go for any of these plans according to your needs and requirements.

  • HMO or Health Maintenance Organization Plan: In this plan, you are allowed to visit doctors, various other care providers as well as different hospitals that falls under its network. In some cases, you may have to get some referral from your doctor to avail some of its benefits.


  • PPO or Preferred Provider Organization Plan: Under this plan, you are required to pay very less amount if you visit such doctor, health care provider or the hospitals that come under its own network. On the other hand, you have to pay more if you want to visit outside doctors or hospitals.


  • PFFS or Private Fee-for-Service Plan: This plan is regarded as quite similar to the original Medicare plan. In this plan, you are allowed to go to any hospital or doctor if they accept the payment terms of this plan. This plan is there to solely determine the amount of money that they will pay to doctors, hospital or other care providers. It also determines as to how much you need to pay.


  • SNP or Special Needs Plan: This plan is there to offer specialized and focused health care for some particular group of people. People who have both Medicaid and Medicare are eligible to avail this plan. On the other hand, people who live in the nursing home or are suffering from some chronic medical conditions are also eligible for the plan.