Medicare Supplement Plan G: Why is it becoming more popular than plan F?

The Medicare Supplement Plan F has been the best sold plan until now. Recently, however, the Medicare supplement plan G is getting more and more attention and the number of members who enroll to this plan keeps on growing. What is it that is making members switch to plan G or choose this plan in the first place? And what is the difference between these two options?  The difference between Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G can be explained at

Both of these available options of getting additional health insurance cover almost all similar expenses. While Plan F is the one that covers all of them, plan G won´t cover the deductible of Medicare Part B. This deductible amounts up to 183$ per year. This difference is one of the reasons why people are starting to lean towards plan G more than the until now favorite plan F. A 183$ deductible rate annually isn´t as high and in cases of emergency, one can easier pay this expense out of one´s own pocket. The premium for Plan G costs less than the one of Plan F, which is why in many cases, choosing plan G might save you money on the long-run. It turns out, that it doesn´t make such a difference whether you pay the 183$ deductible extra out of your own pocket, or whether you pay higher premium rates for plan F, which then also uses this money to pay that deductible for you. In fact, analysists say that it will be cheaper for the members to simply pay the deductible rate themselves, instead of having the supplement insurance company pay it forward for them.

Why choose Plan G over plan F?

After it has been announced, that Medicare supplement plan F isn´t going to be available to those who turn 65 in 2020 and thereafter, a lot of questions have risen up. Why isn´t this plan going to be offered in the future and what are the consequences of this? A logic expectation of plan F no longer being available to all after this time is that there will be less members of it and the members who are already in it will continue to become older and older. It is well known and statistically proven, that with older age we require more and more medical attention. What does this mean to the insurance company? There will be less members who pay for the premium and the members who da pay the premium will require, in most cases, high costs for medical attention. The only way for the insurance company to cover all this, will be to increase the premium of the plan. After this occurs, it will be more than likely, that paying for the plan F premium will turn out to be more expensive, than simply getting a Plan G and paying the 183$ deductible extra. In fact, some experts believe that switching even now will end up saving you money in the long run.